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Sri Lanka, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise patronized by leisure seekers around the world. It is a country renowned for its beaches, cultural heritage, exotic fruits, cuisine, gems stones, flora and fauna amongst many others. Sri Lanka also carries a rich Ayurvedic history that dates back to many centuries. A tropical country such as ours, is also abundant in herbs and plants which have many medicinal properties. Today the health conscious, both young and old are looking at alternatives to modern medicine and increasingly foreigners and locals are looking at Ayurvedic treatment.

The Asha Leisure Group Private Limited, owns and manages two Resorts which are situated in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. Asha Lagoon Ayurveda Resort in Tangalle is a facility that specializes in authentic Ayurveda treatment based on Panchakarma, and Asha Beach is an Ayurvedic Resort & Spa which is also situated in Tangalle within close proximity to Asha Lagoon.

Our resorts offer our clientele a broad range of services which include luxurious spa treatments to sooth, invigorate and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul as well as offering many therapeutic forms of reflexology in addition to the authentic Ayurveda treatment. Yoga and meditation which have many benefits are also blended into the daily routines at our resorts. Moreover you can enjoy traditional Sri Lankan cuisine prepared by our in-house culinary experts, whilst seeking advice and guidance by our resident traditional doctors.

Experience the sun and the sea while you take a walk in the beach and let the luxurious surroundings take your breath away. Recreational activities such as boat rides, bird watching, whale watching or a Yala safari excursion are also available to you while you enjoy your stay at our resorts.

Our two Resorts attract a constant influx of clients during the year who visit on a frequent basis. They are Travellers who wish to seek authentic Ayurveda treatment or those who merely want to get away and be pampered by the luxuries that nature has to offer.

Our Resorts & Spas